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Read “Fangirl: A Novel” for Free!

In honor of the 1-year publishing anniversary of “Fangirl: A Novel”, read it for FREE on kindle until 2/4/2020! Click here…

#AStarForCarrie: Petition / Nonprofit Startup

#AStarForCarrie is a petition to get Carrie Fisher a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an innovative nonprofit startup, and a positive movement for social change. More details here! Please sign the petition, share and donate!

Latest: #AStarForCarrie: Civil Disobedience

#OccupyFamilyGuy: Petition for Women’s Rights

#OccupyFamilyGuy– a sub-project of #AStarForCarrie, is a petition suggesting the producers of Family Guy hire a staff of all-female writers for one episode next season, in honor of Carrie Fisher’s highly influential writing talent. Check out the updates here!

Latest: #OccupyFamilyGuy: Lukewarm Justice

#ScriptDoctor services now offered under the #AStarForCarrie project!

Carrie Fisher was an uncredited writer on such films as Sister Act, The Wedding Singer, and Last Action Hero. I’m offering 5 hours of script consultation for $20/hour under the #AStarForCarrie project, so anyone with $100 and a script (or an idea for a script) can rent my imagination! More info here!

#FortunateSon: Film Project

Fortunate Son is the second-sub project of #AStarForCarrie. Please donate!