#AStarForCarrie is now a Sit-In!

Update on the #AStarForCarrie (formerly #WhereIsCarrieFisher) project! I worked myself into a mental health crisis petitioning on Hollywood Boulevard for over 21 days because I care about establishing this symbol of equality in Hollywood that much and more. While I was house-bound, I created content, awareness, and social media presence about the lack of a Carrie Fisher star on the Walk of Fame until I felt brave enough to go out and petition again… Then I had a better idea.

#AStarForCarrie is now a Sit-In!

Hollywood square is a microcosm of Hollywood Itself. Between Orange Drive and Highland on Hollywood Boulevard is a circus of big corporations, tiny vendors, cosplayers, street performers… and a few snakes… all hawking their wares and competing with one another.

After walking back and forth from La Brea to Vine with a sign and a petition… I realized all I had to do was sit still. I set up next to the bank where I established my LLC business checking account (after hours) and I bought some iced tea from the restaurant next door. I sat by a table with free stuff (socks, cough drops, granola bars, pads, etc) for anyone in need, my signs around me, sat in a chair and read “Catch 22” by Joseph Heller. People who wanted to sign the petition came right up to me in this sea of chaos. I was the still rock on the ocean floor. I have collected over 3,000 hand signatures alone.

Fans of Star Wars donated to the cause. Kevin Smith’s Smodcast listeners treated me like a celebrity. I feel like if I stick to this, remain calm, quiet, and honest… It’s going to work. Carrie will get her long-overdue recognition because I refused to give up. Princess Leia Organa didn’t give up when her father blew up her planet in front of her. She took charge of her own rescue and strangled Jabba the Hut with the chain in which he enslaved her.

She also chased a frozen Han Solo all over the FUCKING galaxy… so I suppose we all have flaws. One of mine is I give up too easily. I’m not giving up this time. I have too much hope.

#AStarForCarrie is a Nonprofit Startup!

Please Donate!

#OccupyFamilyGuy is now a Sub-project of #AStarForCarrie!

Follow daily project updates on Twitter! @YesShesGotMoxie

Can’t get to Hollywood? Sign the #AStarForCarrie petition online!

 May the force be with you!

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