Update! #OccupyFamilyGuy: #AStarForCarrie Sub-Project

I’m a little crazy, but that doesn’t make me wrong.

On Monday and Tuesday, I went to #FuzzyDoorProductions in Beverly Hills and got the cops called on me both times for 1. Sitting on a windowsill and 2. Having a sign gently tied to a tree that was wrapped in year-round Xmas lights. I went to jail neither times. I’m going back this afternoon. My first mistake on the second day was going there in the morning. Nobody signs a petition in the morning. It’s early and folks don’t have enough coffee in their brains to process my causes.

Why the HELL am I doing this? Check out my reasons #OccupyFamilyGuy blog and my live-tweets while I petition outside the Fuzzy Door to SUGGEST Seth MacFarlane and Fox hire a staff of ALL FEMALE writers for at least one episode of the next season of “Family Guy”, my favorite show! I hope Seth and Fox love this idea and collecting signatures from fans who agree will show them it’s worth their time. I’m doing this out of love for a show that’s been home to me throughout my transient existence, it would be good PR for Fox to lend a predominantly-male platform to women, and it will help lady writers get work.

Angela, Peter’s boss, was voiced by Carrie Fisher. I feel her pushing me to keep going back. She is the boss, after all…

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