UPDATE! #OccupyFamilyGuy- Day Five

It seems the only way to get people to believe in my causes is to be 100% honest about my intent. I intend to make things better. I have a heart tattooed in the middle of my back that says “Make it better” with the words scrambled up so you have to figure it out. Such a perfect metaphor for my entire life…

I woke up this morning and tweeted that I can’t make it to Fuzzy Door Productions today because I don’t have enough change for the bus, so I need to go out on Hollywood Boulevard dressed as Princess Leia tonight so I can raise what I need to survive. I say “raise” because I’ve already earned the money by working 7-days-a-week on #AStarForCarrie since Memorial Day Weekend. After what I need to survive, over half of the money I raise goes back into helping other people.

Check out my Nonprofit Startup post for more information.

I’m exhausted, just started my period, and I’m tired of being hassled by underpaid “security” guards for trying to earn a living and make a difference. One way or another, I’m going back to the Fuzzy Door today and I’m not making as much of an effort to impress the folks in Beverly Hills. They should already be impressed by my creative work ethic & they would be if they paid some FUCKING attention. So I’ll just draw more attention to myself. Bringing the Ukulele today.

Bothering the (also severely underpaid) Beverly Hills PD would be a waste of their time. If the choice is to go to jail or leave, I’ll leave. I’m not going to jail over trying to improve “Family Guy” (my favorite show) by SUGGESTING they hire an ALL FEMALE writing staff for ONE episode next season. The 35 fans who have signed the #OccupyFamilyGuy petition agree. I owe it to the over 3,000 fans who have signed the #AStarForCarrie petition to REFUSE to give up hope.

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