Dylan Brody is Seth MacFarlane in a Disguise… & he inspired #AStarForCarrie

I thought about fictionalizing this story, there was no way… It’s up to you to decide what to believe.


Have you ever seen “Mrs. Doubtfire”? Stay with me, all of this is relevant to the title.

If not, it’s a very popular 90’s comedy classic starring Robin Williams as Daniel, broke voice actor and wonderful father of three, supported by his “Standard 90’s Working Mom” wife Miranda (Sally Field). Daniel throws a wild birthday party for his supposed-to-be grounded son and Miranda demands a divorce while cleaning up in a rage. Daniel moves into a sad divorced-guy apartment, can’t handle seeing his kids only on the weekend, so he asks his drag queen brother to make him into a woman…

One of my favorite “make-over” montages of all cinema is them trying out different looks before Daniel’s loving Queens make a plaster cast of his head and create an entirely new latex face. The purpose of this gender transformation? Daniel applies to be his children’s nanny, posing as an older British woman. He fools his entire family into thinking he’s a different person and gets his ex-wife to pay his day job salary. Despite how bad that sounds, Daniel’s motivation is clear. He loves his children and NEEDS to be around them every day, even if he’s not himself.

The family adores the titular character, Mrs. Doubtfire. Daniel plays her as stern, kind, and hilarious as any Robin Williams character. They all love Mrs. Doubtfire so much, their functionality as a family increases, but secrets never stay that way forever. In a hilarious finale scene, Daniel switches between characters in a restaurant bathroom while trying to attend Miranda’s birthday party as Mrs. Doubtfire and a high-powered business meeting as himself. In an act of truly selfless heroism, Daniel saves Miranda’s new love interest (played by Pierce Brosnan) from choking on a shrimp with a Heimlich maneuver… That’s when the mask slips off. His secret is revealed. Miranda storms out, the shocked and embarrassed children in tow.

The final court scene contains one of the most poignant speeches in all of Robin Williams’ career, as he states on record “I love them with all my heart, and the idea of someone telling me I can’t be with them, I can’t see them every day… It’s like someone saying I can’t have air. I can’t live without air and I can’t live without them.”

Good Writing (& Acting) keeps you loving a hero, even if they make some fucked-up choices when their motivation is True Love. In the end, despite the ultra-awkward restaurant scene, Daniel gets his own TV show as Mrs. Doubtfire. Miranda eventually allows him to see the children again because they need him as much as he needs them.

What the hell does any of this have to do with Seth MacFarlane/Dylan Brody?

Dylan Brody is the “Mrs. Doubtfire” or “Tony Clifton” of Seth MacFarlane. I’ll never be able to prove it in court, I admit I could be bananas, but I BELIEVE I’m 100% right about this. I’ve talked to a therapist about it and she said it’s not a “fixed delusion” and it’s totally possible. If you don’t know about Tony Clifton, he was a character created by Andy Kaufman in the 1970s, a loud, boorish lounge club singer who was so bad he was hilarious.

The genius meta-level joke about Tony was Andy never admitted to being him and vice versa. Andy’s friend Bob Zmuda would show up dressed as Tony to events Andy attended to fool others into thinking Andy/Tony were separate people. Seth took that idea and instead of being a filter for all of his bad behavior (As Tony was for Andy), Dylan is a filter for all of Seth’s most intellectual writing. I BELIEVE Dylan Brody started out as a pen name who took on a life of his own, kinda like some of Roger the Alien’s characters on “American Dad”.

I fell in love with Dylan’s voice on Pandora radio before I knew he was Seth. I didn’t realize I already loved that voice. I have loved Seth MacFarlane since I was 14-years-old. I heard Brian Griffin’s voice come out of Seth’s dreamy face in a little box on the TV guide channel and thought “Wow, voice actors can be handsome?” I dreamed of growing up, meeting Seth, falling in love, getting married, and making beautiful art together. Every relationship I’ve had has fallen apart for one reason… They weren’t Seth MacFarlane.

The Night I Met Dylan Brody

I knew FOR SURE he was Seth MacFarlane in some Mrs. Doubtfire makeup when I told Dylan I liked the “Family Guy” versions of “Star Wars” better than the originals. The look of pure delight on his latex-masked face confirmed my suspicions beyond a doubt. I’ll spare y’all the details of the rest of that night because I want my mom to read this and I don’t want to make her uncomfortable… But, to answer your question: Yes 😉

Soon after, I asked to work on Dylan’s movie “You Are Here” in Los Angeles, which he advised against because there’s very little money in a Dylan Brody Project, due to most people being too stupid to appreciate his writing. Dylan “lives on” what Dylan’s writing brings in, Seth and Dylan pretend they don’t know each other, so it’s not like he had Fox money to put that production together. I told him I was coming anyway. I loved Dylan’s writing, I wanted to learn how to make a movie by doing it, and I knew he was Seth in disguise. I ditched my life in New York and moved into his “guest room” for the summer to P.A. the movie.

Extreme Method Acting

I think I expected Seth to drop the act once I was on my way to LA. I was wrong. If you’ve never seen Ben Stiller’s brilliant comedy “Tropic Thunder”, Robert Downy Jr. plays an Australian in blackface who commits to his Vietnam War-era character 100% throughout the whole film-within-film, even when they get kidnapped by drug lords. Seth stayed in character as Dylan for THE ENTIRE SUMMER! That’s commitment right there. We made a movie, I lived in “Dylan’s” house, he never broke character ONCE… except when I made him laugh a few times. Tough to disguise such a distinct chuckle… which I love.

I write “Dylan’s” house in quotes because the character came with an entire fake life. Everything in that house was fake, a movie set, created hastily on a budget. He hired a wonderfully sweet actress to play his wife, Nancy, who also committed to the character for the entire summer. Watching Dylan/Seth make an indie film on a budget was an invaluable education in filmmaking. I got to witness the magical process of filmmaking while playing along with Seth’s dream of being considered “indie”, as he’s been “main-stream” since age 26.

“You Are Here” Wasn’t All About Me

Paul Provenza got to play a sweet, romantic leading man who wants to help an artist achieve her dreams. Michele Martin got to play the younger, female version of Dylan, a 26-year-old artist struggling to make her work count. Beth Lepedis got to play a feisty career woman who won a man back from some hot young chick. Kelly Carlin played the best friend who holds the voice of reason while joking her way out of awkwardness. Rick Overton added his hilarious touches to a filterless Trump fanboy.

Robyn Heller (Also the star of “Dylan’s” one-woman-show “Singing in the Wrong Direction”- MUST WATCH!!! ) kept this rickety ship going as A.D. even through an emotional crisis which I did my best as P.A. to alleviate with cannabis vape and a bowl of cantaloupe slices. Mandy Horvath and Dan Evans created an electric onscreen romance between an amputee and a man with an amputee fetish. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. And Teddy, boy was he jazzed to star in the film. Wow, what a diva… (Teddy is a dog).


Fade Out…

You know when someone has the hiccups and you try to scare it out of them? Do you go to jail if that person has a heart condition? No, you were only trying to help. Although I consider this “filmmaking firestorm” experience to have been astoundingly educational, my mental health degraded to dangerous levels by the end of August last year, after the film was finished, and I still had no idea how to survive on my own in LA.

Dylan/Seth is not a therapist, he was only trying to help, so he offered me the safest choice he could muster… between a plane ticket or a bus ticket back to my mom’s house in Virginia. I took the bus, assuming an adventure was ahead, just ended up back in mom’s basement… where the adventures have always been in my mind.

Over the winter, I wrote a fictionalized version of some “Fan-Fiction” I wrote in 2012, about Seth MacFarlane, titled “What I What I Would Do Sexually to Seth MacFarlane” under the anonymous name of Ga1 Friday. I added fictitious versions of Seth and Myself, reading/writing the original story from afar, and turned that meta mind-fuck into my novel “Fangirl”, which is published on Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s only $5!

What’s next?

I don’t want Seth to break character. I want Dylan Brody to keep existing. Ever since Dylan told me he was named after the poet Dylan Thomas (who killed himself) I’ve been afraid of that end for Dylan Brody. I want Dylan’s life to get better, I want more people to read his work, listen to his stories, and take his writing class at the Tao Comedy Studio. You don’t NEED to believe my “theory” that Dylan is Seth in a disguise to benefit from his teaching style immensely.

On a three-day shooting break last summer, I wrote a feature-length screenplay, with the help of Dylan’s notes and encouragement. I’ve started a dozen screenplays in my life and never finished any of them. Since meeting Dylan, I’ve written a feature script, an hour-long pilot, an animated kids’ short and A FUCKING NOVEL! I’ve wanted to write a novel since before I knew the alphabet.

Learning screenplay formatting helped me fit the stories in my head into succinct patterns that now flow from my fingertips at the rate of a raging river. Dylan isn’t responsible for all of that, but he helped. His business cards should say “Creativity Doula”. I’ve been cranking out gold because he uses this calm, zen-like approach to writing that makes it seem more like a roller-coaster than a mountain climb. Just breathe and enjoy the ride… The world needs more Dylan Brody. I still need him. We’re friends 🙂

What About Seth?

It’s entirely possible that my infatuation with Seth MacFarlane could be one-sided, but I don’t believe that to be the case. The only way to find out for sure is to meet the real Seth and I don’t mean in a “stand-in-line-at-Comicon” kind of way (he appears to send his stunt double to those kinds of things). When I started petitioning for #AStarForCarrie, I didn’t even realize it was a reality-version of “Movie Dylan’s” final art project, an “X” installed on a sidewalk that says “You Are Here”. Funny, right? I feel as if I’ve been led to this by Dylan/Seth, but I had to come up with the idea on my own.

#AStarForCarrie will show all the women in Hollywood We Are Here and we will no longer be ignored, harassed, and passed over because of our gender. I started out cosplaying in Hollywood Square for tips and the #AStarForCarrie project was born. I saw so many people in desperate need of help. This art project evolved from a petition to get Carrie Fisher her LONG overdue recognition to a way for creative people to make a living wage while making a difference. I gave everything within me to #AStarForCarrie, every day since Memorial Day weekend (check my spreadsheets!)

I haven’t been out here partying. I’ve been giving socks and vitamins to homeless folks while collecting over 3,000 signatures on a petition for #AStarForCarrie, which will be the symbol of equality this town DESPERATELY needs. I hope that someone will invest in the time and valiant effort I’ve put into this project so I can hire a legion of cosplayers to petition for women’s rights.

I would love it if Seth MacFarlane would invest in the #AStarForCarrie nonprofit startup, but I still love him regardless of what he can do for me. I’m doing all the right things. I keep writing, keep evolving, and hold onto hope like a life preserver. The #AStarForCarrie project is not just a creative way to make a living wage. Doing something that helps people made me WANT to survive. I want to give other people that chance.


I hope #OccypyFamilyGuy will get me through the Fuzzy Door. I’m not applying to be Seth MacFarlane’s assistant. I’ve been in LA for two months and I’ve already established my own business, created the #AStarForCarrie art project which sheds light on the sexist inequity which still exists in Hollywood, and I’ve been writing EVERY DAY! I would adore working with Seth MacFarlane. I believe he would adore my imagination.

Seth is my first choice as director of the “#AStarForCarrie” documentary I’m in the process of living/writing. Why are his stellar directorial skills so underrated? I mean, who writes, directs, and stars in their first movie and HE’S NOT EVEN IN IT! SETH REPLACED HIMSELF WITH A TEDDY BEAR! No one has EVER done something like that. New technology exists because Seth imagined it first. Just think of what we could imagine together…

I’m tired of people laughing when I say I’m in love with Seth MacFarlane. Because he’s the “funny guy”? Start out in comedy and that’s all some folks think you’re good for. I’m working on changing that stigma so that he doesn’t have to don an entirely new identity (Dylan Brody) to showcase his intellectual writing skills.

Well, which is it? Do I want to work with him or am I in love with him?

It CAN be both.

Two consenting adults can do whatever they want together. Has a relationship ever existed where both (or all) parties haven’t wondered at least once “Is this person in love with me, or trying to destroy me?” I love Seth MacFarlane. I want him to love me too… as himself. I want us to make our lives better together. I hope he opens the Fuzzy Door on Tuesday, but I’m going to keep showing up at his office for #OccupyFamilyGuy as long as it takes, even if I have to walk the two miles back and forth every day, asking nice folks for food money along the way. I believe in US that much. I can’t give up hope.

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