#OccupyFamilyGuy: Will the Real Seth MacFarlane Please Stand Up?

I don’t have the money to go to ComicCon in San Diego this weekend (because I spent almost everything handing out socks and vitamins to homeless folks), but it’s entirely possible the real Seth MacFarlane won’t be there either. How can one man accomplish so much? Seth has a lot of help. Such a prolific artist/writer/director/actor requires a few bare necessities to keep up such a beautifully variegated portfolio:

  1. A vast imagination.
  2. A startling work ethic.
  3. Some very talented stunt doubles.

Please read my previous post: Dylan Brody is Seth MacFarlane in a Disguise (& he inspired #AStarForCarrie) for my perspective on Seth’s EXTREME dedication to character craft. Last year during ComicCon, I was at Dylan Brody’s (aka Seth MacFarlane’s) “house” working on his movie “You Are Here”. I’m not sure if Seth sent a stunt double to ComicCon or if Dylan was the double that weekend, but since the real Seth can’t be in two places at once, it had to be one or the other.

In the episode of “American Dad” titled “Pulling Double Booty”, Stan has a double who looks exactly like him, except he speaks with a southern accent. Hayley falls in love with the Stan-double, says she “doesn’t even see the likeness anymore” (paraphrased), the double hits on Francine, so Stan gets rid of him and has to pretend to be the double for Hayley’s sake. Awkwardness ensues. It’s one of my favorite episodes and explains a lot about how one man CAN be in two places at once.

“Stunt” doubles can do more than just lower the cost of insurance for studios by performing dangerous feats in place of expensive famous actors. I believe Seth has at least one double who looks (almost) exactly like him, has practiced all the “voices” to perfection, and has the ability to fool everyone into thinking he’s the real Seth. There is simply no way Seth could keep up such a breakneck work-pace without sending someone to sign autographs and attend talk shows for him.

Dylan Brody is teaching a class at the Tao Comedy Studio on Saturday, I have no way of knowing if Seth is sending his double to the class or ComicCon, but it’s really up to him which one I attend. ComiCon sounds like a lot of fun, a big weekend-long nerd party where I could possibly double my signature count on the #AStarForCarrie petition, but I’m not going unless Seth invites me.

If not, that just means Seth isn’t ready to be himself with me, so I’ll be attending Dylan’s class, hoping he’s the real Seth in disguise. The classes are very good for my writing and walking the two miles back to West Hollywood is always a meditative journey. I want to be wherever Seth is, no matter who he is today, although I would prefer to be with the real guy. I hope he wants to be with me too.

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