#OccupyFamilyGuy: Last day? That’s up to Seth MacFarlane…

I’m sitting outside Fuzzy Door Productions as I write. I’m asking the real Seth MacFarlane to come out of his office and sign the petitions for #AStarForCarrie & #OccupyFamilyGuy. Please? I believe his signatures and endorsement could help make both happen. I have done my homework, stated my intentions, and been honest about how much work has gone into both projects.

I believe I have earned his attention, but I will keep coming back if not. I’m going to be working on recording my ukulele cover of “Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure after I’m done writing this blog. Perhaps I’ll start showing up in the mornings next week while I develop my ukulele talent. I care too much and have put far too much time into these issues to give up now.

A few years ago, I went to rehab at the insistence of my mother for trying to replace cannabis with benzo’s. I got a LOT of writing done during that time and one exercise stuck with me. Negative/Positive tape.

Today’s Negative Tape:

Seth MacFarlane does NOT come out of Fuzzy Door Productions and I have to walk home, asking for spare change for dinner and tomorrow’s bus ride to Dylan Brody’s class at the Tao Comedy Studio, where I will wonder if he sent his double to ComicCon or am I listening to my breath at the behest of the double-Dylan?

Today’s Positive Tape:

Seth MacFarlane DOES come out of Fuzzy Door Productions, signs both petitions, offers to take me to ComicCon (since I currently have no means to get there) and help promote the #AStarForCarrie project. On the drive to San Diego, he listens to my ideas about all of his shows, especially “The Voyage of The Curie” script I wrote and he loves them. Seth offers me a job as a producer/writer so I don’t have to ask people for spare change for dinner anymore. I don’t even ask him for the over $7,000 worth of work I’ve already put into the #AStarForCarrie project because I know I can raise that myself with his endorsement at ComicCon. We help each other. Our lives get better.

As with most of my assumptions of reality, it’s usually a mix of both negative and positive outcomes. A guy named “Adam N.” Just stopped by to talk about my petitions, signed neither, but gave me $10 so I can get something to eat later. Anything is possible. I’m not giving up hope.

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