#OccupyFamilyGuy: I Need a Lawyer

I spent three days in jail this week because I walked up to a security guard and asked to speak to someone in charge. I wasn’t forceful, Kevin the Guard explicitly stated that he did NOT feel threatened by me, and as soon as he refused my entry to the building, I walked back to the public sidewalk with him. I’m no expert, but that sounds like the MOST passive case of trespassing in the history of criminal justice. Read more about the details on my previous blog The Day I Went to Jail for Women’s Rights.

Regardless of my politeness or (at least minimal) respect for his authority, I was put in handcuffs and spent Monday night, all of Tuesday, and most of Wednesday in police custody. What triggered my feminist ire so greatly (I was on the public sidewalk by then) was Kevin smirking and saying “Women have more rights than ever.” I demanded to speak to his boss. That’s when he called the cops on me.

The building where Kevin works? Fuzzy Door Productions (Producers of Seth MacFarlane’s work, Family Guy, The Orville, Ted, Cosmos, etc) is one of the several businesses in that building. I was trying to get my ideas (The Voyage of the Curie, #AStarForCarrie, #OccupyFamlilyGuy, Otto, etc) through the Fuzzy Door and I have tried every “proper channel” other than sitting on the sidewalk with my petitions until someone notices.

I adore all of Seth’s creations and I still want to collaborate with him… But I spent three fucking days in jail because of a sexist gatekeeper at his building. Something needs to be done about that. Seth was just in a miniseries for Showtime called “The Loudest Voice” which was about women speaking out about sexual harassment. Does Seth have ANYTHING to say about this?

I need a lawyer. I have a court date on August 8th to argue my plea of Not Guilty of Trespassing. I currently have no income outside of donations from friends and fans, I’m living in an apartment with no refrigerator or working stove, I don’t own a car, it’s too dangerous for me to keep petitioning in a braless Princess Leia costume alone and no weed dispensaries are thrilled about partnering with my project now that I have a pending criminal case… I’m feeling kinda trapped. I need help.

I need a lawyer willing to work with me on getting this bullshit charge dismissed, get the word out about my causes #AStarForCarrie #OccupyFamilyGuy (which highlight the sexist inequity that STILL exists in Hollywood) and get my ideas through Fuzzy Door, which I believe 100% could help improve productions I already love with some fresh feminist perspective. My belief in my skills as a writer kept me sane through a VERY uncomfortable trip through the California Criminal Justice system due to KEVIN’S belief that “Women have more rights than ever.”

Give me a FUCKING break, Kevin.

Los Angeles Lawyers, I’m calling y’all out! Who wants this case? I need someone I can TRUST, who BELIEVES in me. My contact info is Here. Please, somebody, reach out! I’ll be emailing just about every Los Angeles lawyer I can Google. Hopefully, I can find someone on my side.

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