#OccupyFamilyGuy: I Forgive Kevin

I have been advised by an attorney to stop using the name of the business outside which I was arrested for “trespassing”, so they will now be known as Hairy Portal Productions. You guys are Goliath and I’m David down here with a petition and a pen saying “Can I come in and talk?” I went to jail for three days for THAT.

But, I still want to talk… Otherwise, this was all for nothing. I’m not giving up.

I wrote the following in my journal before I was given a replacement for a lost laptop charger by an artist who signed the #AStarForCarrie petition.

July 31st, 2019

“Everyone is the hero of their own story. On some level, we’re all the stars of our own personal Truman Shows. Social media bolsters this subversive collective delusion that everyone is watching us all the time. Omnipresent cameras and Alexas make that very possible. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. We all want to feel like someone’s watching out for us so we don’t feel so alone. Ancient people used to sit around campfires and tell stories. Now, we look for stories constantly on our tv’s and our phones. We need stories like we need each other. We need imagination to help us evolve. It’s unfortunate when the negative stories get more attention than the positive ones, but without the darkness, we wouldn’t appreciate the light.”

Last week, I spent three days in jail because Kevin the security guard made a citizen’s arrest for trespassing. I asked Kevin if he was offended by the fact I was there working for Women’s Rights?

Kevin replied, “Women have more rights than ever.”

I was standing on the public sidewalk when I demanded to speak to his boss. That’s when he called the cops on me for “trespassing”. I eventually found out that Kevin told the police I tried to enter the back door (it was the front) and I refused to leave (Hairy Portal Productions does not own the public sidewalk). From a law a Googled:

“Trespassing is the willful entry onto the property of another with the specific intent to interfere with that person’s property rights.”

  1. I did enter willfully, into the parking garage. There’s no gate, there’s no sign posted “Beware of Kevin”. I don’t even remember touching the door handle before Kevin came out and walked with me to the public sidewalk.
  2. I had no specific intention to “interfere” with the property rights of Hairy Portal Productions, other than to make my favorite shows better. I had tried every “proper channel” and gotten doors slammed in my face. I have ideas that I believe in so much, even going to jail isn’t stopping me from helping them thrive. I love Seth MacFarlane too much to let his name and artistic talent languish in the unfairly judged world of comedy. #OccupyFamilyGuy could win that show the awards it deserves. I can’t give up on that.

I want to know from Hairy Portal Productions: Why was I so threatening to your business that I had to spend three days in jail? Couldn’t be my gender. I saw plenty of women working there. Couldn’t be the fact that I have mental health issues. Seth MacFarlane’s Art SCREAMS mental health issues. I’m no psychiatrist, but being someone WITH mental health issues… well, we can smell our own. Or is it because I’m pointing out the flaws in your business and trying like HELL to help you fix them?

Do you remember the guy who killed Cecil the lion? Neither do I. That guy got ran out of business because he posed with a dead lion everyone suddenly loved… after it was dead. I don’t remember his name either. I don’t want Family Guy or The Orville to get canceled! They’re my favorite shows! I wanted to make them better. I have good ideas I am STILL trying to get through the door and Kevin thought I was trying to ruin Seth’s Art.

Kevin was being protective. Not only of his job but of everyone’s jobs at Hairy Portal Productions. I can see the nobility in that. I can see why I was trying to help people like Kevin get a living wage. Even though I’m still kinda angry over going to jail for the first time and everyone’s acting like I’m covered in bees again due to the pending criminal case… I have to have compassion for Kevin. I have to see it from his point of view. He was just doing his job the best he knew how.

Going to jail once was enough. I’m not going back to Hairy Portal Productions unless I’m invited. I am going to create an online petition for #OccupyFamilyGuy and fight the HELL out of this bullshit trespassing charge. Unless Hairy Door Productions just wants to drop it and maaaaaaaaybe hear me out?? I have another Sub-Project of #AStarForCarrie stirring, titled #FundFortunateSon. #OccupyFamilyGuy continues whether I’m there or not.

When people ask me what’s my favorite movie, I reply, “The Pianist”. It’s more complicated than a title. I’ve only seen that film once and I’m never going to watch it again. The visceral, heart-wrenching imagery of the Jewish Ghetto made me feel so emotionally moved… once was enough. Adrien Brody’s character is a concert pianist in the ghetto. He runs into a grand piano and a Nazi soldier at the same time. He plays a song so beautifully, he lives… All artists are looking for that one song within themselves. #AStarForCarrie is mine. It’s not just to get our beloved space mama the recognition she deserves. I want to help more creative people like she did. I want to challenge them to be funnier, more rebellious, more themselves. This is how we evolve.

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